Research Opportunity for Masters-level Student

Sharing Responsibility for Disaster: Developing Subsidiarity Principles for Local Government

Dr. Alan March (Urban Planning), Associate Professor Louise Harms (Social Work), and Dr. Brian Cook (Geography) are seeking masters-level students interested in flood and fire management in Australia. This qualitative project seeks to identify the most effective level at which management of floods and fires occur within local Australian government. With support from the city of Whittlesea and the University of Melbourne, the project asks how authority shifts during catastrophic events, with an aim of better understanding how decision-making adapts and is adapted in response to floods and fires.

The researchers are seeking 1-3 masters-level students for complementary projects. They will have the opportunity to work alongside a Research Assistant employed for the project, who will provide additional support. Whether associated with a specific discipline or by drawing on supervision from the three disciplines, we are looking for motivated students, with experience with qualitative methods, and an interest in disaster and risk management. For consideration, students are asked to submit a proposal (no more than one page) and brief CV (outlining relevant experience and related expertise).

The projects are likely to start late 2012 or early 2013. For further information, please contact Dr. Brian Cook.

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