Visualisation of ‘Cultures and Disasters’ Session

I was extremely fortunate to participate in the second Disasters and Cultures conference in Erlangen Germany. It was an extremely thought-provoking time, with many leaders in the field of risk research pushing the field into new and difficult terrain. During the discussions and debates, an artist named Gabriele Schlipf ( circulated, listened, and drew. She was able to capture ideas and put them into these lovely collages.

Amazing visualisation of the 'Cultures and Disasters Workshop', Erlangen, Germany.
Amazing visualisation of the ‘Cultures and Disasters Workshop’, Erlangen, Germany.

I was also fortunate enough to sit beside Gabriele during one of the dinners. It was fantastic to see/hear what an artist took away from the cultures/disasters sessions. It was also really interesting to hear her thoughts on the wide range of sessions and topics she had recently drawn. It was particularly poignant to hear the gendered dimension of her work. Since men are normally the people who dominate conversations, speak first, speak often, and speak loudest, her images were often (more honestly) representations of what the men in the audience thought. While our conference had a better division of the sexes than others she had drawn, it was still disconcerting that a key segment of the group was not being heard, and we had a type of proof in the drawings.

Something to think about. Gabriele is very busy but always looking for more sessions to draw. Many thanks to her and to the organisers who had the foresight to bring her on-board.

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