Presentation at the University of Arizona

Many thanks to those who attended my recent presentation at the UoA, department of Geography Colloquium series. I really appreciated the turn-out and the questions that followed. I wanted to address one thought, which came to me last night, in response to a question about ‘Adaptive Governance’. I should have been more clear that this presentation was a way of addressing the realities of participatory decision making, as opposed to contributing to the long litany of ‘idealistic’ discussions surrounding participation. I have absolutely no doubt that adaptive, corpoduction, or other forms of participatory decision making would be optimal, but my question was whether they are possible given present institutional trajectory, path dependance, and distribution of power?

I think, also, that since decisions makers have been ‘othered’ and excluded from the discussions – as anything other than boogie-men – that we might be sinning a web of idealism that simply detaches those of us interested in participation from ‘actual governance.

Thanks again for all the questions and the warm welcome. I hope that I can return the favour if anyone wants to visit Melbourne.

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