Peter Nicolas Kamstra


Peter Kamstra graduated from the University of Guelph in June of 2008 and since then has been a high school teacher and environmental advocate. At the University of Guelph he completed a four year honors degree in Geography under the stream ‘Human Impact on the Environment’. The brunt of his coursework focused on case studies of how the interaction between humans and their environment could become more sustainable. His primary research was concentrated on analyzing new progressive methods of stormwater management in Guelph Ontario. After university he participated in a program working for Greenpeace traveling to parts of Canada, the United States and Germany working on current environmental issues and the policy surrounding them. During this period Peter worked on campaigns surrounding global climate change in Tucson Arizona, clear cutting violations in the Boreal forest, and the signing of legislation to build nine coal fired power plants in Hamburg Germany.  After Greenpeace he became a senior level high school teacher outside of Toronto where he continued to educate people on a variety of environmental and geopolitical issues. In 2014 he will begin a Master of Science (geography) studying an ocean and coastal management project.

Research Interest

Beginning in March 2014 Peter will be starting his Masters of Science. He will be learning about a variety of coastal landform processes that create hazards along rocky coasts as well as completing a number of required coursework credits. His research interests are related to the physical hazards along rocky coasts, how people use the coast that puts them at risk, and the development of a framework that compares people’s perception of a rocky coast and the actual physical hazards they possess. Peter published a great paper from his masters work, which can be found here.

In 2016 Peter began his PhD, and has recently published a paper on the innovative methodology developed for his research.

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