Better learning, less work…?

An odd thing happened to me recently. I realised I like teaching. While not entirely shocking, I also realised that I like innovative techniques (not strictly technologies) and attempting new ways of encouraging/mandating participation, debate, discussion, and dissension. On December first, along with other grant winners, I’ll be presenting a poster/talk about my efforts to deliver ‘Better teaching and learning by closing the learning-feedback loop: with less work’. I’ve enlisted Gavin Leys (Senior Graphic Designer) at Melbourne Learning Environments to help me realise my artistic goals. He’s been amazing in bringing ideas to reality.

Here is the first draft of the upcoming poster. Much to add and refine, but I am excited about its first appearance and thought I would share.

Hope to see people at the event.


Brian Cook_LTI Poster_(Final) (Gaven Leys did the artwork)